Perio 101 Training Day

Care for each patient's own specific needs

When formulating a care plan for a patient in need of Dr. Wilson’s TLC protocols, each patient has their own specific needs.  Most patients require SRP whereas others may require surgical pocket reduction with the laser (If you don’t have a laser, it’s okay because we have alternative therapies for those patients as well).  Some patients require a full occlusal equilibration whereas others may require a limited occlusal adjustment.  Some patients will require one set of Perio Trays whereas others may require multiple sets of Perio Trays.

The point is, no two patients are the same, therefore each patient needs a care plan customized to their specific needs.  Likewise, no two practices are the same.  Dr. Wilson will evaluate your office to see what your specific needs are.  Afterwards, he will formulate a tuition to fit those specific needs.

Similar to the TLC guarantee for his patients, your office(s) will be guaranteed to produce 10 times what your tuition will be.  Some offices may even produce 15 to 20 times what the tuition will be.  If we don’t feel that our program will benefit your practice, we will be honest about that from the very beginning.  We won’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole!

Perio 101 offers courses in alternative gum disease treatments that allow you to perform excellent periodontal therapy that will open doors to excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Classes are held online at your convenience to help you save money on traveling expenses.

Please contact us for details or to schedule your Perio 101 Training Day.

Perio 101 Tuition includes the following:

  • Training by Dr. Wilson and his team for your entire team.
  • A fully loaded USB with all necessary documents for success. USB includes videos, as well as some useful documents to incorporate the protocol into your practice.
  • Marketing material and diploma for certification.
  • Licensure for performing the patent-pending TLC protocol.

Tuition for the Course varies by office, depending on your practice’s specific needs and is broken down into monthly payments to make it extremely affordable for you.  Our Perio 101 program provides you with a similar guarantee that Dr. Wilson provides his TLC patients. Perio 101 guarantees you a 10:1 ROI.  The details and specifics will be provided in the final contract, but your office will produce ten times more than what you pay for the Perio 101 program.  If not, we will continue working with you for no additional fee until you produce ten times what you’ve paid us.  It wouldn’t surprise us if some offices actually achieve a 20:1 ROI.

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