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Growing Your Practice with Dr. Wilson’s Perio 101 Course

Growing your practice with our Perio 101 program is inevitable.  Firstly,  you will be able to differentiate your practice from all other practices.  Our Perio 101 program creates a powerful marketing niche that differentiates your practice from all others.  You will attract patients who are actively seeking an alternative treatment to traditional periodontal surgical methods for reducing pocketing and bleeding.  Over time, this niche will allow you to build your restorative and cosmetic services; because these patients want/need cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  They are going to want YOU to provide these services because they TRUST you.  They TRUST you because you will have done for them what no other previous dentists has been able to do for them until now:  Eliminate their gingivitis and periodontitis.

You’re going to be able to increase the profitability of your practice also.  Your production will increase because your office will now be providing a new stream of income that you ordinarily may have referred out of the office.  As a result, your collections will also increase.  In turn, your overhead will decrease because treating periodontitis doesn’t require the high lab fees and supply fees that are typical of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  Best of all, the vast majority of the services are provided by the dental hygienist and dental assistant, which frees up the doctors time for other services.  

Lastly, our Perio 101 program provides you with a similar guarantee that Dr. Wilson provides his TLC patients. Perio 101 guarantees you a 10:1 ROI.  The details and specifics will be provided in the final contract, but your office will produce ten times more than what you pay for the Perio 101 program in the first year.  If not, we will either refund your money or continue working with you for no additional fee until you produce ten times what you’ve paid us.  It wouldn’t surprise us if some offices actually achieve a 20:1 ROI

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