Course Outline for Perio 101:

Alternative Treatments for Gingivitis and Periodontitis

The Perio 101 course is conducted online to save you money at a time that is convenient for your entire dental team to attend.  It includes lectures, interactive exchanges and question-and-answer periods. We will teach you step by step, everything that you should do for each stage of periodontal health allowing you to obtain predictable and reliable results. 

You will learn everything from patient education, to treatment planning the various stages of periodontal health by the doctor, to treatment plan presentation by the financial coordinator, and step by step periodontal treatment by the dental hygienist and dental assistant.

The Perio 101 course will teach you the following:

  • Understand the formation of oral biofilms and host responses to them.
  • Understand benefits and limitations of antimicrobial and mechanical therapies for biofilm management.
  • Learn how and why antimicrobials with oxidation/reduction reactions may help manage biofilms.
  • Learn how to incorporate antibiofilm therapies into existing treatments plans.
  • Understand when infected cells must be treated with surgery.
  • Be able to incorporate perio-pathogen control treatment into soft tissue management care.
  • Be able to help patients augment homecare regimes to manage perio-pathogens.
  • Understand better the relationships between periodontal disease, systemic inflammation and illness.

After you have completed the Perio 101 course, you will better understand oral biofilms and their growth, the relationships between oral biofilms and systemic diseases, and limitations of available treatments for perio-pathogens. You will be able to implement this knowledge and our comprehensive approach to oral health in your practice. You will immediately be able to offer a great service to your perio patients, and accomplish amazing success while reducing their inflammation and pocket depths.

Upon completion of the course, you and your entire team will be able to:

  1. Assist your patients in achieving periodontal health in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner possible.
  2. Administer effective adjunctive therapy to enhance and maintain treatment results.
  3. Administer effective host-response-modulating drugs to enhance and maintain treatment results.
  4. Block the destructive aspects of the immune response.
  5. Reduce the bacterial challenge.
  6. Customize treatment plans for different types and stages of periodontitis to obtain optimal results.
  7. Customize periodontal maintenance therapy to sustain periodontal health.
  8. Facilitate excellent oral hygiene home-care practices.
  9. Allay patient fears about pocket reduction therapy in all stages of periodontitis.

Perio 101 is a course that teaches you and your team alternative “gum disease” treatments that allow you to perform excellent periodontal therapy which will, in turn, open doors to you providing excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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