Courses in Alternative "Gum Disease" Treatment with Dr. Gordon Wilson

Learn How to Grow Your Patients & Your Profits with Perio 101

Treating “gum disease” is much easier than you might think. In as little as two to three hours, Dr. Gordon Wilson and his team can show you how to open your practice doors to hundreds, if not thousands of patients who are seeking alternatives to traditional gum surgery. In fact, you may have hundreds of them already in your office.

An estimated 200 million people in the United States have gingivitis, early, moderate and severe periodontitis.  About half of them require surgical pocket reduction.  Approximately 97% of those people would rather risk losing their teeth than to have traditional surgical pocket reduction with a scalpel and sutures performed on them. Many of these people are in your community and they’re actively looking for alternatives to traditional periodontal treatment modalities. You may have quite a few of them in your office right now.  Some have been fighting this “disease” and are frustrated with poor results. Some haven’t seen a dentist in years and have many restorative needs beyond “periodontal disease”, including root canal treatment, crown and bridgework, or dental implants.

Perio 101 can turn many of these people into new patients for your practice. Dr. Wilson’s unique, patent-pending “TLC protocols” give patients information and tools that simply make sense. Treatment acceptance is extremely high because:

  • The process is easy to understand
  • The treatments are affordable
  • Recovery is fast and easy with maximum preservation of original periodontal tissues


The doctor’s chair time is minimal, because the dental hygienist and dental assistant will complete most of the work. Best of all… once you have helped these people take command of their “disease” and control it like never before, they will have the utmost trust in you to perform their restorative treatment. It’s not unusual for a $4,000 periodontal case to turn into a $20,000 restorative case.

Perio 101 offers hands-on courses in alternative “gum disease” treatments that allow you to perform excellent periodontal therapy that will open the door to excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Contact us for details.

85% of adults have some form of periodontal disease.

“World Health Organization 2003 Report

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